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One in five people at risk of developing skin cancer


According to new figures, one in five will develop skin cancer. However leading Dermatologists say most skin cancers can be prevented.  The growth in the number of skin cancer cases among adults and young people in the UK has now increased so much that it is now predicted that one in five people will develop the disease.

Dermatologists say the simple failure to protect skin from sun damage is to blame. The warning comes after new research shows that most people in the West fail to use the right sun creams often enough to protect themselves and their children.

Some of the facts to emerge include:

  • One in five of us will develop skin cancer during our lifetime.
  • The number of skin cancer cases in Britain is now greater than all other types of cancer put together.
  • Some types of fast growing skin cancer change from treatable to potentially fatal in around three months!
  • If you develop a malignant melanoma – the most dangerous condition – then your children are ten times more likely to develop skin cancer.
  • If skin cancer is treated early, there is a 95% chance of a cure.
  • The South East of England, including London, has the highest number of skin cancer cases in Britain!
  • 70% of skin cancers can be prevented.
  • The NHS has a shortage of consultant dermatologists who can deal with increasing numbers of skin cancer cases.

Dr Howard Stevens, one of London’s leading dermatological surgeons and founder of The Skincare® Network, a group of twenty dermatologists, reconstructive surgeons and specialist nurses, said that he and his colleagues see evidence of this every day.

“Skin cancer is reaching epidemic proportions and the vast majority of cases could have been prevented. Climate change will make things even worse but we need to protect our children and ourselves now,” he said.

We also need to be more ‘mole aware’.  If you or a member of your family has a mole that has either grown or spread, itches or bleeds, or changes colour, you must get to the GP or call us right away.  Don’t wait until a treatable cancer becomes potentially fatal,” said Dr Stevens.

The Skincare® Network team recommends using at least factor 50 skin cream and if your child has fair skin, keep them covered up or shaded as much as possible.

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