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British drinking recommendations cut down

Barman pouring hard spirit into glasses

UK Chief Medical Officers are warning against drinking alcohol, stating that any level of drinking could increase the risk of some cancer. The new guidlines are supported by a review from the Committee on Carcinogenicity (CoC), discussing on alcohol and cancer risk.

Dame Sally Davies explains that drinking alcohol regularly carries a health for anyone: “but if men and women limit their intake to no more than 14 units a week it keeps the risk of illness like cancer and liver disease low.

“I want pregnant women to be very clear that they should avoid alcohol as a precaution. Although the risk of harm to the baby is low if they have drunk small amounts of alcohol before becoming aware of the pregnancy, there is no ‘safe’ level of alcohol to drink when you are pregnant.”

Experts are advising people to limit amounts of alcohol drunk on any one occasion, and to drink slowly with food.


Professor Mark Petticrew, Professor of Public Health Evaluation at the London School of Hygiene, says: “This new guidance has been based on a wide range of new evidence from this country and overseas.

“We have reviewed all the evidence thoroughly and our guidance is firmly based on the science, but we also considered what is likely to be acceptable as a low risk level of drinking and the need to have a clear message.”

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