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Children’s mental health care ‘inadequate’

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A survey by the Royal College of Nursing has revealed that half of those surveyed believes child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) are not adequate enough.

A further 20% of those questioned also felt the services are highly inadequate. 43% of those in the poll believes services were getting worse despite government promises of extra investments in mental health care.

Fiona Smith, RCN Professional Lead for Children and Young People’s Nursing, explained that they are failing young people by not providing adequate mental health services.

“It’s foolish of the NHS and the Government not to really focus on meeting these young people’s needs, because we know that with three out of four adults with mental health problems, their symptoms began in childhood.”

When asked what the main problems were, 73% of those surveyed cited too few nurses as a key problem and 72% said delays in patients getting appointments.

One member of the RCN said: “Children and their families are suffering due to poor CAMHS, support and availability.

“The criteria for referral means children are having to attempt or threaten to take their own lives before receiving support.”

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