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How cleaning the house helps you to burn calories


Housework is tiring, boring and usually a job we try and avoid, but it could actually be doing your body some good if you’re trying to keep slim.

The results, released by Star Brands, investigated how many calories are burnt doing housework and the results are quite surprising.

The data shows how a surprising amount of calories are burnt doing everyday activities, such a 166 calories burned in an hour of dusting, which is equivalent to a small bar of chocolate.

Even scrubbing the bathroom can burn off around 256 calories an hour which is the equivalent of a blueberry muffin.

It is recommended that those aged between 19 and 65 take up 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week. But on average, adults in the UK spend 11.5 hours doing housework every week. That’s 2,345 calories burned, which would equal around 2lbs of weight loss each month just through housework alone.  

Even making the bed can shift 70 calories, which ordinarily you’d have to burn through doing 20 minutes of Pilates.

Other household activities that also burn a high number of calories include gardening and washing the car, which both burn around 300 calories per hour. As well as this, you can also torch 350 calories through an hour of DIY and over 400 calories can be burnt just by rearranging furniture for 60 minutes.

Full results of the data can be found on the StarBrands website.


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