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Health secretary pledges a ‘paperless NHS’

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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced a move towards a paper-free NHS, as part of a £4.2 billion technology investment.

Digital services for patients are to be upgraded, including an upgraded NHS website and a brand new app.

NHS staff are to be less reliant on older technology such as fax machines, instead providing free Wi-Fi in all NHS hospitals.

Targets have been set for 2020 by the government, including 25% of patients with chronic conditions (diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure) are to be managing and monitoring their symptoms remotely. They also want 10% of patients to access GP services online or through mobile apps by 2017.

There are also plans to improve the cyber-security, with £1 billion going towards security of patient records.

Mr Hunt explained that the NHS now has the opportunity to become a ‘world leader’ in healthcare technology “which means better patient outcomes and a revolution in healthcare at home.”

“We are investing more than £4 billion across the health system to ease pressure on the frontline and create stronger partnerships between doctor and patient.”

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