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Mobile game to aid dementia research


A mobile game has been specifically designed to aid the understanding of how the brain works in patients with dementia. The research is part of a coordinated effort to manage the growing risk of the disease. 

Sea Hero Quest, a cross-platform game, was created in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, Alzheimer’s Research, University College London (UCL), and game developers Glitchers.

The game is made up of three main tasks; navigating mazes, shooting flares to test players’ orientation, and chasing creatures to capture photos of them.

Prof Hornberger, from the University of East Anglia, said: “This project provides an unprecedented chance to study how many thousands of people from different countries and cultures navigate space. This will help shed light on how we use our brain to navigate and aid in future work on diagnostics and drug treatment programmes in dementia research.”

According to the researchers, every two minutes spent playing Sea Hero Quest is equal to five hours of lab based research. If 100,000 people play Sea Hero Quest for just two minutes, this will equate to 57 years’ worth of lab based research.

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