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Your monthly care package


Subscription boxes are a great idea, it’s just like sending yourself a little gift every month. We love that. However, the betty box is practical as well as feel-good. When you’re on your period, you don’t particularly feel that great, and this is where betty box comes in.


The idea is you tailor your box to your needs, so if you prefer to use tampons, or like a mixture of pads and tampons, they will put a supply of sanitary products to suit you. You can pick your preferred brand and they’ll make sure this is popped in your box every month ready for you to use. It includes a neat little carry-bag for when you’re on the go and don’t want tampons flying around in your bag.


Also included in the box is a little selection of treats, usually a mix of cosmetics, body products and cute stationery. What a great way to make you feel better when you’re feeling lousy! What we particularly liked was the skin products, because we all know acne can be an issue during the time of the month.


The betty box is a worthwhile subscription, particularly for younger teens trying to get used to having a period every month and taking away the hassle of having to pop to the shop for supplies. It’s even great for adults, making the time of the month a bit less miserable.

You can sign up for the box on the betty box website  and pick the dates best suited to you for delivery.

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