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Teenagers drink a ‘bathtub’ of sugary drinks in a year

Sugar drink

Young people aged between 11 and 18 are drinking the equivalent of nearly a bathtub full of sugary drinks in a whole year, according to figures by Cancer Research UK.

The figures, from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey,  reveals that children aged between four and 10 are also drinking nearly half a bathtub full.

Adults and children are consuming twice the maximum recommended amount of added sugar in their daily diet, with 11 to 18 year olds eating and drinking three times the recommended limit of sugar.

Alison Cox, director of prevention at Cancer Research UK, explains how shocking the figures are. “We urgently need to stop this happening and the good news is that the Government’s sugar tax will play a crucial role in helping to curb this behaviour.

“The ripple effect of a small tax on sugary drinks is enormous, and it will give soft drinks companies a clear incentive to reduce the amount of sugar in drinks. When coupled with the Government’s plan to reduce sugar in processed food, we could really see an improvement to our diets.”

She explains that closing the loop hole on advertising ‘junk food’ on tv before the 9pm watershed could also have a positive effect.

The UK has an epidemic on its hands, and needs to act now.”

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