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Top tips for quitting smoking

quit smoking

As part of National No Smoking Day (Wednesday 8th March), Boots Pharmacist, Angela Chalmers shares her ‘ASK’ (Always, Start, Know) advice for those looking to kick the habit:

“ALWAYS think positively: Tell your family and friends that you’re trying to quit, and ask them to help you.

“START looking at the help available: Find out what treatment options are available that can help you manage your cravings and nicotine withdrawal. Speak to a pharmacist who can advise the best approach for you.

“KNOW the immediate health improvements:  Within 2 to 12 weeks of stopping smoking your blood circulation will improve, and you’ll have an increased lung capacity – making walking and running much easier!”

Products and services that can help:

  • Boots Stop Smoking Online Clinic  is a one-to-one support option. Once you’ve complete the online consultation, if suitable for treatment, the online clinic can give you access to prescription-only medicine to help you stop smoking. You’ll be provided with a two week starter pack, which you can collect from your chosen Boots pharmacy, and receive support from your local pharmacist to help you quit, for good.
  • NiQuitin Mint 2mg Lozenges help reduce withdrawal symptoms including the irritability and frustration that individuals may feel in the first few weeks of quitting.  NiQuitin Mint 2mg and 4mg Lozenges dissolves in 20-30 minutes and continue to work even after the lozenge has gone. RRP £15.63 (72 Lozenges)niquitin-lozenges-group-2
  • The Boots Pharmaceuticals NicAssist 10mg Nasal Spray can be used to assist with stopping smoking, it provides rapid nicotine delivery for the relief of withdrawal symptoms and cravings. RRP £20.50 download
  • NiQuitin Patches use unique Smart Control™ Technology to deliver a rapid release of therapeutic nicotine on application. The NiQuitin patch then releases a continuous flow of therapeutic nicotine throughout the day – helping to stop cravings and withdrawal symptoms before they occur. The patches come in three strengths (steps) that deliver different levels of therapeutic nicotine to provide 24-hour relief from withdrawal symptoms. The time it takes to complete the course depends on how many cigarettes you smoke. RRP £15.63 (1 week – 7 patches), £29.44 (2 week – 14 patches)
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