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A finger prick blood test monitor that helps chemotherapy patients manage their treatment, software that turns physiotherapy into video games and a collection of clothes that heighten or mute senses to help people affected by autism are amongst the winners of the AXA PPP Health Tech & You Awards 2017.

Now in its third year, AXA PPP Health Tech & You, a programme led by AXA PPP healthcare, continues to promote the widespread awareness of health tech and to empower people to use this technology to live life well today and in the future.

Here are some of the forward-thinking winners that could help us to live healthier lives…



An app designed to help people living with asthma understand more about themselves and their condition, and to help to manage it. The app works in several ways; the asthma control test (ACT) that helps people understand how well controlled their asthma is, tracking medicine usage and asthma attacks to help communication between themselves and their healthcare professional. It also connects to the user’s everyday life, learning what triggers their asthma from location, weather and air quality, and offering useful advice in these situations. MyAsthma is the first pharma-supported Grade 1 Medical Device as a smartphone app.



 A collection of clothes and accessories that emphasise the use of senses. Their primary purpose is to stimulate and improve awareness of our senses, while training us to better use them all. Some sensewear items are designed to mute physical sensations, some to sharpen them. The collection is inspired by therapies applied to Sensory Processing Disorders and developed with the technical support of therapists assisting people affected with autism. Anxiety, stress and panic attacks are the most typical symptoms of autism but, as many other people also suffer from these conditions, the collection is not only aimed at people with disabilities but for people living busy and often stressful lives. The goal for the project is to design an attractive, inclusive collection that can be worn by anyone and not stigmatising a person with a disorder.



A connected device for people with cancer to monitor their blood cell counts from home. Low blood counts are a common side effect of chemotherapy. White blood cells defend the body from infection and low white blood cell counts can result in serious infection and problematic delays to chemotherapy treatment. From a simple finger prick test, Affinity can help people identify if blood cell counts are dropping whilst they are at home in between chemotherapy cycles. This can help avoid infection and keep treatment on track. Affinity provides a supportive link between patient and clinician by automatically sharing results. 



A platform that captures high quality health data from patients through digital tools they love to use. The platform has been clinically proven through trials in the NHS and deployed through world-leading studies, capturing millions of data points. It is helping patients take control, improving clinical appointments and modernising clinical research trials.

MIRA Rehab


A platform that turns physical and cognitive exercises into video games, making therapy easier to follow. It asks patients to complete the recommended movements to progress through each game level. As a result, patients are playing while at the same time actually recovering. The patient’s performance data is tracked, storing all the repetitions, improvements or issues for therapists to adapt treatment accordingly.



The largest social network for health in the world. Each month millions of people are supported to improve their health through online peer support and self-management in over 600 health and wellbeing online communities. HealthUnlocked partners with hundreds of patient advocacy organisations and charities within these communities, providing them with support, expertise and moderation, and offers a range of unique solutions to organisations and businesses, specialising in access to an active health-focused audience.


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